The circus and stage is our first love, and will continue to be a focus for our entertainment skills. Doodles is a Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey-trained clown, and toured with the Gold Unit on the 1989 Japan Tour. With that valuable experience under his suspenders, you can imagine the type of show he can put on, in his own version of a "one-clown circus." There are amazing feats of juggling and balancing of objects large and small (check out our Photos page for pictures of Doodles balancing a shopping cart on his chin!), a little magic, a lot of laughs, and gags galore.

We can provide entertainment for faires, festivals, street fairs, New Year's eve family events, small circuses, block parties, store openings, and carnivals, to name a few. You will be amazed at what we can come up with!

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